Michael & the Mooncussers (ep)

by Michael & the Mooncussers

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Michael's second EP!
Recorded by Michael Doyle
Mastered by Frigo Recording
Featuring: Mike Doyle Sr, Dave Joyce, Joseph Tombasco, Tim Vitullo, Eric Weiss, Caitlin Doyle, Shawn Riley


released November 4, 2011

Thanks Everyone! Hope you enjoy it!



all rights reserved


Michael & the Mooncussers Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mooncusser (plural mooncussers): A land-based pirate who, on dark nights along dangerous coasts, would demolish any legitimate lighthouses or beacons, erect a decoy signal fire in a different, deliberately misleading location, and then, after having induced a shipwreck, subdue any survivors and plunder the wreckage for valuables. ... more

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Track Name: Michael Doyle - Boy You're Strange!
I think of things that you don't see
I think of things that could never be
I do it for my own amusement

As a boy I'd revel in
The world, well, that could never've been
Oh no, did I say as a boy?

I'd push aside the bicycle
My mother, she'd say, Michael
I love you, but boy you're strange

She'd joke and say
You better change your last name

I went down to the riverbed
Past the trees, but before the bridge
I found the troll sleeping where he lay

I string him up and I'll take the prize
I hear him beg, but don't compromise
Oh no, he won't be boilin' me!

He'd scowl and say
Boy, you better change your last name

She'd joke and say
What any mother might say
But she never asked me to change
Just said boy you're strange
Track Name: Michael Doyle - Make Believe
We'll fly our rocket to the moon
I've never been, how bout you?
I hear that it's made of cheese
(that explains all the craters then)
But could you tell me please
(what could take such a large bite)

Maybe it's a giant moon Martian
Who hides on the side that we can't see
Thought you had to be from Mars to be a Martian
Well he was, but got hungry

There he sits
He's all alone
There he sits
He's on his own
He tries to snag
A passing space craft
He tries to catch em'
But they're way too fast

Shrink on down, I am bug
What's with the swat? Hey where's the love?
Now I'm a ghost
(A rather small one)
But I guess I'll make the most of it

Cause when you make believe
Who know what you'll see
Come on in and check your mind
See the strange and step inside

Who knows
Where you'll be
Who knows
Hey, don't look at me
You could be
In a tree's trunk
You could be
Deep below the sea

(La la la, la la la)
(Everybody knows the moon is made of cheese, yeah)
(Cheesy cheesy, cheesy cheesy yum yum)
Track Name: It'll Be Okay
The captain's calm
Steady at the brig
Says, "Bottoms up"
And lets it sink
Stumbles down to a sailor's grave
Stumbles through
Don't want to float away

Turns to the crew
Stubble on his face
Rum readied right
Reason replaced
Feeling lost
And this old fool
Has sealed our fate

If we die...
No! Everything's gonna be fine fine fine fine
We'll pull on through
We'd say
That it'll be okay

You tucked her in
You'd play her games
She'd pull your hair
You'd ease her pains
You were the king of bedside stories
At her bed your here again

You strike a deal
Help from above
Not a holy man
But heard he was love
How could you endure to outlive your child?
How could you go on?

The doctor says
Everything's gonna be fine fine fine fine
She'll pull on through
He says

That it'll be okay...
It's fair to say
That a little fortune it finds us all

You've seen the world
You've seen it changed
You've lived your life
Time to be replaced
As the little ones make their way
On the same journey

You suck it in
You crack a laugh
They say that death's just another path
It's one we all must take
You can't run away
Track Name: Oh Yeah
I arise to the sound of the bustling streets
I find myself down in those streets and here I stand

Say start walking to the place
It's set in conscience, set in stone, it's set in space

There she waits for me
There she lies
Wears a smile
With blue-green eyes

And I find
That a simple thought could steal my day
When you sigh, I stumble
From the start I think it's fair to say
That you are all mine

I try to retrace, as I take my steps back to her place
I think of the thing that hides the worry, stops the sting

So I paint my colors with my words
Sing out, draw in
I sing to her

It would be a sin to let fall
Let it crumble
Before it begins